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Table Of Contents:

01. The Boys
02. PCC Rebrand & Relaunch
03. Nike React Release
04. Humm Kombucha
05. The Aeronauts
06. Amazon Prime Teen
07. Darigold White Cheddar
08. The Expanse S4 Launch
09. Nordstrom Rack
10. Palms Casino Rebrand
11. City University of Seattle
12. Virginia Mason
13. Archive

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Amazon Prime Teen

In 2018, for the first time ever, Amazon rolled out Amazon Prime for teens. The new program gave teens between 13-17 the sweet freedom of their own Amazon login within their parents’ account.

We all know how the song goes. Teens just wanna have Prime. Or something.


CW: Sammi Chancey, Teddy Solberg
AD: Evan Bross
ECD: Matt Peterson
Agency: Wexley School for Girls

We created a series of spots highlighting the many, many advantages of getting creative with your newfound Prime access. ︎