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01. The Boys
02. PCC Rebrand & Relaunch
03. Nike React Release
04. Humm Kombucha
05. The Aeronauts
06. Amazon Prime Teen
07. Darigold White Cheddar
08. The Expanse S4 Launch
09. Nordstrom Rack
10. Palms Casino Rebrand
11. City University of Seattle
12. Virginia Mason
13. Archive

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Palms Casino Rebrand

To launch the newly redeveloped Palms resort in Las Vegas, we knew we had to stand out. In a sea of neon and seven-second attention spans, we needed to make a bold statement.

So we set out to redefine the typical “Vegas” experience with an all-star cast of pop culture icons known for breaking convention. A whirlwind mix of art, food, music, entertainment and fashion, all united by a single mantra: Unstatus Quo.


CW: Sammi Chancey
Senior CW: Matteo Capaldi
Designer: Pedro Sanguine
Senior Designer: Alice Chiapperini
Creative Director: Aaron Seymour-Anderson
Agency: AKQA

The Unstatus Quo launch film featured cultural icons including Cardi B, Dapper Dan, Emily Ratajkowski, Ozuna, Rita Ora, Adriana Lima, Ezra Miller, and many, many more.

I worked primarily on the “drops” portion of this campaign. Every day for the first week of the launch, we gave away cultural artifacts, or drops, including pieces from Joshua Vides & Nike, REVOK, Dapper Dan & Gucci.

There was just one catch – you had to know where to look to find them. We hid the giveaways in the Youtube cards functionality, popping up only when the item appeared in the film. ︎