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01. The Boys S2 
02. PCC Community Markets 
03. The Boys S1
04. Humm Kombucha
05. Nike React
06. Amazon Prime Teen
07. The Aeronauts
08. The Expanse
09. Darigold White Cheddar
10. Palms Casino Resort
11. City University of Seattle
12. Virginia Mason
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The Boys “Baby Laser Tag” 

Some babies just want to watch the world burn.

To help fans everywhere get ready for The Boys Season 2, we developed Baby Laser Tag, the AR-enabled iOS and Android game that puts the “super” in “destroying superheroes with a laser-eyed baby.” Unleash the lasers, unlock hidden content, and take out enemies who will try to stop you along the way. 

Someone had to pioneer weaponized babies. And that someone is The Boys.


CW: Sammi Chancey
Designer: Pedro SanguineGustav Holtz
Associate Creative Director: Riaad van der Merwe, Amy Boyd 
Creative Director: Whitney Jenkins
Strategy: Pierre-Axel Pejouan 
Mobile Game Production: Jam3 
My Lil Laser Baby Production: Henry V
Agency: AKQA

Gold Clio in Television/Streaming: Digital/Mobile

At conception, Baby Laser Tag was meant to be a real-life laser tag game with laser-shooting baby dolls. 

And then COVID-19 happened. So we took our baby digital. 

We partnered with Jam3 to bring our bundle of mayhem to life. 

We also worked with Henry V to develop My Lil Laser Baby dolls to send to the cast and crew. 

After a glorious debut on the App Store and Play Store, our wee tot went on to dominate Amazon’s Virtual Comic Con and Youtube channel.