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Table Of Contents:

01. The Boys S2 
02. PCC Community Markets 
03. The Boys S1
04. Humm Kombucha
05. Nike React
06. Amazon Prime Teen
07. The Aeronauts
08. The Expanse
09. Darigold White Cheddar
10. Palms Casino Resort
11. City University of Seattle
12. Virginia Mason
13. Archive

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This is a collection of blips and blops from The Creative Circus that I’m still proud to call my brain children.  

#1. Airheads Xtremes

Airheads Xtremes are a treat for those who crave the unconventional. They're more colorful, more flavorful, and more peculiar than anything else you'll find in the sweets aisle.

Don't be another square in a candy bar world. Be a curiosity.

*Side note – Claire and I created every set and every costume in this campaign by hand, with a lot of love and a lot of trips to hardware stores. 


CW: Sammi Chancey
AD: Claire Barnette
Photography: Ari Skinner
Stylists: Claire Barnette, Sammi Chancey

#2. Kraft Singles

Why would you pay extra for cheese when you could save the money and stuff your pockets with individually-wrapped dairy gold?

Key word: portable. Bring your own cheese.


CW: Sammi Chancey, Dean Coots
AD: Keslie Watts

Airheads Xtremes

Kraft Singles